Rescue Tape
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Rescue Tape

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Self-Fusing Silicone Repair Tape

A strong, waterproof silicone repair tape with infinite uses. Rescue Tape resists fuels, oils, acids, solvents, salt water, road salt and UV rays. Ideal for repairing leaks in plumbing and hoses in a flash. It can be used to insulate electrical wiring and can withstand a working temperature of 500°F (260°C).

Uses: Simply stretch and wrap the tape around itself to create a permanent seal. Rescue Tape is perfect in emergency repair situations and can be used to provide corrosion protection or to create a seal for connections and fittings. Ideal for rigging, making emergency O-rings and seals and creating a grip surface for tool handles. Rescue Tape resists pressure up to 950 PSI, insulates up to 8,000 volts, is waterproof and airtight, can be applied underwater, never gets gummy or sticky and will resists temperate extreme of -85°F to 500°F. 


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